Strengthen the commitment of visitors

The more you keep your visitors at your website and meanwhile keep their engagement to interact with your website the more commitment you get.

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In what way can you strengthen the commitment of the visitors

You have to think creative about how to gain the visitors engagement and what they are looking for in your company

Discount popups

Every one loves discounts. You can offer a discount with a hight value to the wining part and to have focus on sales, add an discount with a lower value to the losing part.

Offer popups

Do you have a company where you sell services as the primary, you can offer a speciel treatment to the winning part, and for the losing part a discount.

Ticket popups

If your company sell tickets, you can create a campaign that gives tickets away for the winner, and for the losing part popcorns next time they visit your service.

How it works

6 Videos
This is where you create the teaser button to catch attention to the visitors. And teaser can be imported as a template or created from default settings.

Images used in the videos are only for examples. You have to upload your own images.


Offer giveaway

Within your company you can give giveaways in many areas, such as free product samples, free shipping, welcome discounts. In this example the visitor can win a backpack as the stor just has opened.


Service popups

Lets say you run an mobile operator company, here you could create an campaign where the main price was 1 month subscription, and for the losing part discount for a new phone.


Entertainment popups

Every one loves entertainment. We love to see sport, movies and music A basket event is coming up and you give tickets to the lucky winner of the campaign. The losing part gets popcorn and drinks.

Integrate your system with Enrichigo

I found Enrichigo to be a very userfriendly and functional system. We were up running at no time with no need for high technical skills. After the first campaign we already saw results in our visitor’s engagement performance. Another positive thing is their customer success team - high service level.

Tina Halkjær Jensen
Marketing Manager, Hotel Oasia Aarhus

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrichigo can be used by any that needs to engage their visitors with gamification.

The requirements for using Enrichigo is having a website where you can add our snippet code. We have documentation about how to implement the code on your website, to make it as simple as posible.

No coding experience is needed to work with Enrichigo. However you need to read our documentation on how to implement the snippet code we generate for you.

Enrichigo is not like other popups. Our popup solution is only based on gamification. You cannot create a popup without the game. Our solution is maded so the visitors can engage direct on the website instead of redirecting the visitors to other landingpages like other gamification system does.