Engage your visitors through gamification

Enrichigo is a popup gamification system designed to engage visitors on your website. It encourages them to either purchase more by offering them a discount code if they lose, or sign up for your newsletter. Enrichigo can be used in :

E-Commerce, Entertainment & Games, Fashion & Apparel, Furniture & Decor, Travel & Tourism, Newspapers & Blogs, Hotel & Restaurant, Automotive

  • Setup in minutes
  • No credit card required
  • Free trial for 7 days

This is the reason you want to use Enrichigo

Enrichigo is used in the following reasons


Strengthen the commitment of visitors

With Enrichigo, you can sustain the fascination of visitors through gamification popups.


Increase sales & leads from potential visitors

Adding a reward for each winner or loser when they participate, can help increase the sales / leads.


Increase your brand’s knowledge through visitors

By using gamification, your visitors may promote spread the word about your game to friends or family.


Gain more signups with gamification

Increase signups to your email marketing system by utilizing gamification for visitors.

How does it work


Create an account with Enrichigo, where you can easily create gamification campaigns for your visitors through our platform.

Choosing the right campaign position

Determine the optimal location for your campaign to attract the attention of visitors. We offer four designated areas for campaign position.

Trigger the campaign at the right time

With custom options you can trigger your campaign when it is best suited for your visitors to increase more leads and sales.

Customize the template for personal branding

Design your own campaign or choose from a selection of pre-made templates available on Enrichigo.

Integrate your system with Enrichigo

I found Enrichigo to be a very userfriendly and functional system. We were up running at no time with no need for high technical skills. After the first campaign we already saw results in our visitor’s engagement performance. Another positive thing is their customer success team - high service level.

Tina Halkjær Jensen
Marketing Manager, Hotel Oasia Aarhus

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrichigo can be used by anyone who needs to engage their visitors through gamification.

The requirements for using Enrichigo include having a website where you can add our snippet code. We have documentation to make implementation of the code on your website as simple as possible.

No coding experience is needed to use Enrichigo. Our documentation provides clear instructions on how to implement the snippet code we generate for you.

Enrichigo differs from other popups as our solution is exclusively based on gamification. Unlike other systems, the visitors engage directly on the website instead of being redirected to separate landing pages. This makes the visitor’s experience more interactive and enjoyable.

How it works

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