GDPR at Enrichigo

In the EU, GDPR is a regulation that protects data for anyone in the EU. Here at Enrichigo, we understand the importance of data protection and do our best to keep it safe and stay GDPR compliant.

To understand what GDPR is about, you need to know three terms being used :

  • Processor – Enrichigo is the processor because we process the data for you, the controller.
  • Controller – You are the controller as an Enrichigo user. You control the data for the data subject
  • Data Subject – Your visitors on your website are the data subject that data is being gathered about

We will now and then update our products and terms and agreement. Please be aware that you may need to take some action as well.

Here at Enrichigo, we collect that in 2 areas :

  • Submitted data via Enrichigo
  • We gathered information about the submitted data so you can see the personal information of the name, e.mail, and IP. This is for you to contact the person if they are the winner or if you have consented to email them in your newsletter. Please be aware that you must have full consent from the visitor to email them. When they submit data via Enrichigo, they accept “your terms” that you have to write a page about on your website. Remember that it is your responsibility to have full acceptance from the visitor.
  • Specific data :
        • Name
        • Email
        • Consent
  • Analytics Data
  • We gathered information about the visitor once they visited your website. It can be information about their location, IP address, time, date, etc. We then show your dashboard analytics about your campaigns so you can have a better view of how it is performing and how to make the campaign perform better.
  • Specific data :
        • IP address
        • Timestamp
        • Domain
        • Website referrer
        • City
        • Zip code
        • Region
        • Country
        • Geolocation
        • Browser
        • Device
        • System
        • Timezone


Data we collect from the “submitted data via Enrichigo” will be deleted every 3 months. The data from “Analytics” will be there until you delete your account or the campaigns in your dashboard.

We can delete all data if you want. You have to contact us, and we will do this for you.