Increase the collect of leads

Why not turn your visitors into subscribers? With smart popups you can get the attention from the visitor fast and with the right message get more leads.

  • Setup in minutes
  • No credit card required
  • Free and paid plans

Can’t turn your site traffic into leads?

Popups can be used to keep the engagement from your visitors. But with the right campaign content, it can increase sales and leads.

Newsletter popups

Turn your visitors into subscribers to your e-mail list. Newsletters can be a way to increase sales.

Free Sample Order

Product samples are great for getting the visitor to convert to a potential customer. Simply add a popup with free samples.

Gamify Your Campaign

Engage your visitors by using gamification popups. Convert visitors to customers and subscribers to newsletter.

Offer Free Resources

Add something special for the first time visitors on your e-commerce store. Show an popup that welcomes the visitor and giving them an free resource.

Promote Sale Campaigns

Use popups for special sales or deals like Christmas, Black Friday or summer sales. It will increase the engagement and sales.

Offer Discounts with gamification

Discount codes is a win-win for both the visitor and the owner. With gamification as the tool it will increase the engagement as well as the sales.

Integrate your favorite tool with Enrichigo

I found Enrichigo to be a very userfriendly and functional system. We were up running at no time with no need for high technical skills. After the first campaign we already saw results in our visitor’s engagement performance. Another positive thing is their customer success team - high service level.

Tina Halkjær Jensen
Marketing Manager, Hotel Oasia Aarhus

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrichigo can be used by anyone who needs to engage their visitors through gamification.

The requirements for using Enrichigo include having a website where you can add our snippet code. We have documentation to make implementation of the code on your website as simple as possible.

No coding experience is needed to use Enrichigo. Our documentation provides clear instructions on how to implement the snippet code we generate for you.

Enrichigo integrates gamification directly into company websites, enhancing visitor experience with interactive and enjoyable features.

How it works

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