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Enricigo is a popup gamification system to engage your visitors with your website. Get access to our best popup templates.

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What can you use these templates for?

Use gamification for your e-commerce, newspaper, blog, magazine, hotel, cinema, and many more


Strengthen the commitment of visitors

With Enrichigo, you can sustain the fascination of visitors through gamification popups.


Increase sales & leads from potential visitors

Adding a reward for each winner or loser when they participate, can help increase the sales / leads.


Increase your brand’s knowledge through visitors

By using gamification, your visitors may promote spread the word about your game to friends or family.


Gain more signups with gamification

Increase signups to your email marketing system by utilizing gamification for visitors.


Add gamification to sell more of your products. Add discount codes if the consumer doesn’t win and give a product as a gift to the winner.

Auto dealers

Are you an auto dealer? Why not use gamification for your visitors? You can offer replacement of wheels, test drive, car check, discounts, and much more.

Travel & Tourism

Do you have a company that sells tours or travel, why not use gamification for your visitors? You can offer tours, trips, discounts, and a lot more.

Furniture & Decor

If you have a company selling decoration or furniture, why not use gamification for your visitors? You can offer giveaways, discounts, recommend products, and much more.

Fashion & Apparel

Why not use gamification for your visitors if you have a fashion store? You can offer giveaways, discounts, services, and a lot more.

Hotel & Restaurant

Want more guests to visit your place? Then allow them to win a dinner for two or a stay at your hotel for one night. If they don’t win, give them a wine if they buy a night over or dinner.

Newspaper / Blog / Magazine

Get more users to buy your subscriptions with gamification as a tool to tell them about your subscription product and give them a discount for a period.

Entertainment & Games

If you have a company selling tickets as entertainment, why not use gamification for your visitors? You can offer tickets, drinks, popcorn, and a lot more.

How it works

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This is where you create the teaser button to catch attention to the visitors. And teaser can be imported as a template or created from default settings.

Images used in the videos are only for examples. You have to upload your own images.