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Campaign Monitor integration

We have created an integration between Enrichigo and Campaign Monitor. So you can collect email addresses for your Campaign Monitor account.

The integration works when the visitors fill out your formula on your campaign. The data is saved in Enrichigo and sent to Campaign Monitor on your chosen specific list. 

How to setup your Campaign Monitor integration

To integrate your Campaign Monitor account with Enrichigo, follow these steps :

1. Log in to your Campaign Monitor account

2. Click on your name in the upper right corner. Click in the dropdown box “Account settings”.

3. Click the “API keys” section in the Account settings area.

3. Find the “Manage API key”. Click “Show API key” and copy the code.

4. Log in to Enrichigo and go to the integration step of the campaign you want the integration to work. Click on the button “Campaign Monitor” to activate it.

5. Past the “Client ID” in “Campaign Monitor Client ID”.

6. Past in the API code to the “Campaign Monitor API key” field.

7. Click “Connect”.

8. If the connection is made, you can click on the “Select Campaign Monitor List to use” and use a List you made in Campaign Monitor.

9. Integration completed.

Create a list in Campaign Monitor

1. Go back to Campaign Monitor and click on the “Lists & subscribers” link in the navigation.

2. Then either “Create a list” or click on the “List” you already made. In this example, “My First List”.

3. Then, on Enrichigo, click “Connect” and click on the dropdown list below to select your new list.