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How do I see my results?

Campaign tracking automatically

When your campaign is active and the snippet code is placed on your website, the campaign will track data automatically.

Campaign overview

You can see the campaign data in the overview area or go deeper into analytics for the given campaign. In the overview, you can see how many “views” the campaign has. Views are each time a unique visitor to a page where your campaign is active. Besides views, you have “completed” and “conversions”. Completed is when the visitor has scratched the game, whereas conversions are when a visitor fills out the formula.

Campaign analytics

You can see more detailed details info on the campaign that is active. Just click on the “Analytics” link in your campaign overview.

In the analytics area, you can find data about the subscribers, the winners, and more data on views, completed, and conversions. The graph over the campaign in the last 7 – 90 days.