Enrichigo Academy

How does Enrichigo work?

You decide your goal

Enrichigo lets you display popups on your website in four different goals: Collect Email Addresses, Increase Product Sales, Guide Your Visitors, and Connect With Visitors.


You design your campaign

Use our drag-and-drop builder to design your popup from scratch, so it matches the look and feel of your website. Or choose from one of our many pre-designed popup templates. You can always change colors, fonts, sizes, and add new elements or delete existing ones.


You choose triggers and targeting options

Target the right audience on your website by specifying when your popup should show and in what pages in Step 3 – Display Settings.


You add a code snippet to your site

When your popup is ready, all you have to do is insert the tracking code in your website’s backend (or via Google Tag Manager). Then, your campaign will show. You’ll only have to add this code once.