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BigCommerce integration

We will here guide you on how you can implement Enrichigo with BigCommerce.

To make the implementation work, you must get the snippet code from Enrichigo and add it to the “HEAD” HTML tag.

How to implement Enrichigo with BigCommerce

Follow these steps :

1. Log in to your Enrichigo account

2. Click on the “Get code snippet” and click “Copy snippet” on the page. If the snippet is copied, it will say “Snippet Copied”.

3. Log in to your BigCommerce account.

4. Click on ” Storefront ” on the left menu.”

5. Under “My themes” -> Current theme, click on the “Advanced” button.

6. When the dropdown is visible, click “Make a Copy”.

7. Scroll to find the new copy of the theme, click on the “…” button, and then “Edit Theme Files”.

8. Under Templates and Layouts, find the “base.html” file and paste in the “Snippet code” from Enrichigo before the “</head>” tag.

9. Save the file by clicking on the “Save file” button.

10. Go to “My Themes” and find the copy you made and click on the “…” button and click the “Apply”.

11. Enrichigo is now implemented.