Enrichigo Help Center


The publishing setup

You add elements for the campaign period, visibility, and notifications in the publishing section.

The publication has three elements that you can use :



The visibility is how often the campaign is visible for visitors who have already completed the game. 

In the below example, the campaign will be shown every day. If the number in “Every” was 5. The visitor would have to wait five days before the campaign would be visible. 

The period can be set to “Day”, “Month” and “Year”. 


The schedule is the period the campaign is active and is being shown to the visitors on the website. 

The period can be one date or an interval of dates.

The period can be in the future, so the campaign is shown after the given date.

The campaign will never be shown if the period is in the past.

Email Notifications

The email notification sends emails when the campaign signup is completed from a visitor. Write “Add email addresses” in the field and click “Add Email” to add it to the notification list. It is possible to add as many email addresses as needed.