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WordPress Integration

We will here guide you on how you can implement Enrichigo with WordPress.

To make the implementation work, you must get the snippet code from Enrichigo and add it to the “HEAD” HTML tag.

How to implement Enrichigo with WordPress

Follow these steps :

1. Log in to your Enrichigo account

2. Click on the “Get code snippet” and click “Copy snippet” on the page. If the snippet is copied, it will say “Snippet Copied”.

3. Enrichigo can also be added with plugins like “Header Footer Code Manager” or themes that can add “scripts”.

4. Log in to the backend of your WordPress website. In the left menu, find “Appearance” and click “Theme File Editor”.

5. In the editor, find the “Theme Header” (header.php) file on the right side and click it.

6. Find the “</head>” tag and add a new line.

7. Past in your “Snippet code” from Enrichigo and save the file.

8. Enrichigo is now implemented.

Attention. Please be sure to check that your website works well. When placing the code in the “</head>” tag, your website can have custom code that needs to run before Enrichigo. If there are any issues, remove Enrichigo and contact your developer to have a look at them.